Information system RPSOFT-DAS (Data Acquisition System) provides collecting, archiving and presentation of measured values in industry. Especially, it is suitable for power plants and industrial production, for analyzing of energy consumptions or important process values from production.

DAS architecture:

Core of RPSOFT-DAS is a database MS SQL (Express). The data from instruments, control systems, eventually from database systems are automatically transferred to the database.

Currently, RPSOFT-DAS supports the following instruments and data sources:

  • Electrometers with communication protocol IEC 62056 (e.g. EMH)
  • Gas quantity meters ELCOR
  • Instruments with communication protocol MODBUS RTU/TCP
  • Control systems with interface OPC DA
  • Database systems with interface OLE DB/ODBC

The data from instruments are archived in the database in form of data tables or data files. The archiving utilizes data compression, as is approximation of values and also compression by zip method. The system is also capable to create and store data aggregates in fixed intervals, e.g. 15 min, 1 hour etc.

The archived data from the database are available for users via a Web application. The Web applications provides a visualization of the data in form of process diagrams – actual data or in form of tables / trends – archived data. An advantage of the Web application is platform independency of client, therefore the data are also available in mobile devices and tables.

Visualization of actual values:

Visualization of archived values and trends :

Additionally, the system provides the data via Web services or via Web query for MS Office applications. Through the Web query and a simple macro the data can be imported into a MS Excel workbook.

Data import to MS Excel:

System RPSOFT-DAS has open structure and it is extendible. It is possible to add a new types of instruments or data sources, or implement automatic data transfer to a higher level systems. (e.g. market operator)