About the company

Welcome to the web page of RPSOFT company. The company was established in 2004 and its focus is an application software programming for industry. The main scope of the company is automation and industrial information systems.

The scope of the automation focuses on programming of control systems. The company has got many experiences with VALMET control systems and SIEMENS control systems. With VALMET company RPSOFT has signed an engineering partner contract. Applications of control systems were mainly implemented in pulp and paper industry and in power plants. For power plants it was mostly automation of waste incineration plants, steam boilers and combined cycle power plants.

The scope of industrial information systems is based on Microsoft platform programming. Applications are mostly oriented to collecting, processing, and storing of data from energy production and distribution and from industrial production. The application software is created by using of flexible programming techniques and can be adapted according to customer requirements. For development of applications we use Microsoft products such as MS SQL, ASP, ASP.NET and programming languages VB, C#, C++.

Company RPSOFT participated in several projects. A brief list of these projects can be found under References. If you are interested in our services Contact us, please.